The day before the Xmas break, we had the opportunity to exhibit the pieces we were working on for the three week module.

I chose to exhibit some images from last year with some current poetry. These were the images and corresponding words:


a bloodless punch to the gut

this life is sliced too thin

the portion mean

silent I scream

with my mouth shut

and a smile sharp as a black blade

for what I was made

the eternal question

i am tied to this room to this chair

to these thoughts which squeeze out like tears

clouds drowning in fears

too big for the margins

the page remains blank

i bite down on on life

and it bites back

it’s teeth are bigger than mine

i am tired of this chair of this room

existence cannot escape me.

Anne Moore, December 2016


Moore, A. (2016) Untitled  Self-Portrait, Unpublished Photograph


i cannot find myself

an echo reverberates


in the two way mirror

i am reflected

but it is not me

can you hear me

i have no voice

the space between worlds is paper thin

i can’t get out or in

i vanish while Jung is dreaming

all time is lost and no one is searching

eternity stifles a yawn

this shadow of my former self

all style and no substance

Anne Moore, December 2016

new 11.jpg

Moore, A. (2016). A Shadow of My Former Self V,  Unpublished Photograph

It was a revelation to read other students’ work too – the exposure reveals a certain vulnerability in using words – an image can be interpreted, whereas words leave nothing intangible. The works were printed onto tracing paper; for me this suggests a material transparency which accompanies the idea of the transparency of words, thoughts.

Here are a few mobile phone photos from the exhibition:

As all the departments were exhibiting the First Year work at the same time, it was an opportunity to look around to see what they had achieved, and also to pick the next discipline for further study.

I have chosen film as my first choice, as I am drawn very much to using the photograph as a basis for moving imagery, whether it be in actual film, documentary or Installation.

I admire the work of Bill Viola and Mike Figgis, amongst many others, they have both influenced my work and life at various stages.  Although this is a very short module I am hoping to learn the rudimentary techniques of recording and editing, (although I do have some knowledge of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro 10) and hope to achieve a film of a minute or so in length and of quality.

These short modules show how much is achievable in short spaces of time – it forces creativity to surface quickly in relation to problem-solving and time management structures.

I had previously written and published a book of Poetry, but had not written anything for a few years. With this module I reclaimed my ‘muse’ and rediscovered the cathartic nature of my poetry, and the balance that it lends to my work overall.

I find that working across disciplines enriches and informs my work, it’s also the diversity that i enjoy immensely.

Finally, here is a link to a short Stop Motion Animation that I completed last year, influenced by the great Jan Svankmajer.

‘Deconstruct’ Stop Motion Animation